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Spotlight Series

Our focus is on the big picture and seeing how the individual, their communication partners, and the setting influence the tools and strategies used. When we ask, “what is the goal of the task?” we are able to think creatively and utilize what is available to us in meaningful ways (or make adjustments if need be). Rather than sharing random resources and ideas each week, we hope to help share an individual’s journey each month, as well as some of the tips and tricks that have been successful. Our goal is to connect, empower, and equip our community through real life success stories and adventures.

We are merging...we will resume our Spotlight Series soon!


Phoebe is a spirited and sweet young lady in the first grade, who is teaching us more about her interests and personality daily as she makes strides to expand her communication skills. Phoebe’s supportive mom, dad, and school team are always thinking of ways to engage with and teach her new things through her loves of movement, outdoor adventures, and most recently storybooks/text. While Phoebe benefits from structure and predictable routines to learn, she has shown us that she is also up for trying new adventures like hiking Mt. Sugarloaf with her dad, learning a new song with friends in music class, exploring art mediums with the talented Ms. Sarah Tannozzini, or describing the new experience of what roasted red pepper feels like in her mouth to her teacher, Ms. Michelle Walden. Learn about Phoebe


Claire, the youngest of four, has shown us what total communication with a touch of sass can look like! Whether with a yes/no nod, approximated "all done" sign, positively or negatively toned vocalization, or a suggestive goodbye wave, Claire gets her point across. We have been able to collaborate with her family and team to develop some really creative programming involving Claire's current modes of communication, her Accent 1000, and her future language goals. Learn more about Claire here.


We are so excited to share just parts of Jeanette's AAC journey. We have watched Jeanette grow and evolve as a communicator, AAC user, and delightful young lady. She constantly reminds us of the purpose of our work - devise ways to support and enhance effective communication, using multiple methods, ways, and tools. Learn what we have learned from Jeanette here.


We have had the pleasure of working alongside some impressive communication partners, like Michelle. Michelle is a special educator who has supported a number of individuals using various forms of AAC. She is innovative and creative, and has taught us so much about how to incorporate AAC into academic tasks and school life.


We are happy to share her tips, tools and tricks here


Our relationship with Jenny began fifteen years ago or so, when we worked with her to get an updated AAC device (a Pathfinder from Prentke Romich Company. which is no longer made!). She has since transitioned to an Accent 1000 with Unity 144. Jenny has taught us about what is priceless to her (her team members’ names, as well as their families or pets, vacation places, vocational vocabulary, etc.), self-advocacy, friendship and more. Learn more about Jenny here

Jac has been part of our lives since she was five. Now she is a young adult living in an apartment with some incredible housemates and has regular contact with her phenomenal parents. She uses Proloquo2Go in some really amazing ways. Learn more about what she has to share here.

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