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What we do...

We love what we do! We specialize in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), Assistive Technology (AT), Speech-Language Pathology, and creative learning options. We provide comprehensive services in the areas of assessment, intervention, consultation, training (professional development), and tele-AAC. We strive to empower our community through authentic connections and high quality, evidence-based service provision. We are problem-solvers and love being creative.


Our clinicians offer comprehensive AAC and AT evaluations that follow Medicare standards for insurance coverage for durable medical equipment (DME). We work collaboratively with our own interdisciplinary team, as well as members of the individual’s team to offer comprehensive assessments. Our assessments include a chart/IEP review and/or interview with critical team members, direct evaluation time, generation of a report with detailed and practical recommendations, as well as a follow up meeting to review the results of the evaluation. We will work to support a team through a funding request, as well as look into alternative forms of funding if necessary.



Our clinical team offers direct AAC services and academic intervention embedding evidence-based strategies. We customize our treatment plans to really meet the unique needs of the individual. We also have a strong focus on generalization and work collaboratively with team members to support skill advancement across multiple environments and settings.



We join teams on site, and remotely, to offer consultation regarding AAC, AT, UDL and differentiated instruction. We work collaboratively to develop creative, innovative, and customized implementation plans, supports and strategies grounded in research and progress outcome measures that are tailored to support the success of an individual, a classroom, and/or an organization.


Tele-AAC and Telepractice

At Commūnicāre, LLC, we leverage technology to expand our reach. From Tele-AAC to support a student, to tele-supervision to support a team, we utilize technology to deliver the right specialists for each individual case. Regardless of location, we employ telepractice to create more independent school based clinicians, complete bilingual AAC evaluations, and so much more.


We seek to enrich the lives of all people through innovation, engagement, empowerment and independence. We strive to be a leading resource in our community, providing advanced and individualized support and education in the areas of augmentative and alternative communication, assistive technology, speech and language development. 

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