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By connecting with teams and individuals through telepractice we can make sure that those who need support with AAC are able to get it. Tele-AAC is the use of online tools and video-conferencing supports to provide the AAC services remotely to an individual or team at a different location. We offer tele-AAC assessments, intervention and consultation. 

A Clinician's View of Tele-AAC
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Get a quick look at what tele-AAC looks like from different views.

Tele-AAC side by side.jpg

Tele-AAC is a form of telepractice specifically for AAC services.

Tele-AAC Assessment5.JPG

We can do assessment, intervention, and consultation via tele-AAC.


The Adjustable J-Mount allows us to have "eyes on" AAC tools.

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Tips and suggestions about getting tele-AAC services started.

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