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Using Motivating Activities for Literacy Development - Pokémon Cards

One of the biggest hurdles in literacy development is learning to decode multisyllabic words.  It requires a reader to attend closely to a word and chunk it into smaller parts (syllables). It's a skill that's especially challenging for learners with complex communication needs.  Using materials and words that grab and hold students' attention is useful while working on this skill-especially for real world reading! Our wonderful clinician Lesley Quinn created this activity for one her students whom loves their Pokémon.  Pokémon cards are motivating for lots of students. They're also great for addressing decoding multisyllabic words because characters' names are long and multimorphemeic (the smaller parts have meaning). The names often have creative spelling patterns that show how they sound, and the smaller chunks get recombined to make new names as the characters evolve and change form. To work on encoding, one student is creating his own Pokémon characters, names and all! Check out Triloh (his evolved form, Trilostar) and exactly how we made him:

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