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Tech Tuesday Stories

This year we are looking to change how we share tech tips and implementation ideas. Our focus is on the big picture and seeing how the individual, their communication partners, and the setting influence the tools and strategies used. When we ask “what is the goal of the task?” we are able to think creatively and utilize what is available to us in meaningful ways (or make adjustments if need be). Rather than sharing random resources and ideas each week, we hope to help share an individual’s journey each month, as well as some of the tips and tricks that have been successful. Our goal is to connect, empower, and equip our community through real life success stories and adventures.

January 2021 | Jac

Jac has been part of our lives since she was five. Now she is a young adult living in an apartment with some incredible housemates and has regular contact with her phenomenal parents. She is supported during day by her trusted one-to-one and is an active member of her community. There is just too much to tell about Jac and her story, but you will get to learn more about her, her team and her environment as the month proceeds. However, what is important to know is that Jac started with a Springboard Lite, went onto a Vantage Lite (moving from a 45 to a 60 button overlay), and then transitioned to Proloquo2Go to ensure access to vocabulary on both her iPhone and her iPad. Her Proloquo2Go has been totally customized to meet her various communication needs across environments (like when in class, acting on stage, getting her nails done, or texting). She has more adult-like pictures and lots of phrases programmed that span a range of communicative functions (with single words too for spontaneous novel utterance generation – SNUG).

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