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Back To School Resources

Back-to-school time is here whether we are ready for it or not! We wanted to share some quick links to some of our resources. We use these resources during camp and share them with our teams to help support AAC implementation within their classrooms and therapy rooms. A large part of AAC implementation is called 'engineering the environment', part of this is making sure the use of lite-tech and high-tech AAC supports are easily available for the students as well, as for adults to access to model use for students. Because sometime it seems the device and supports are forgotten in a classroom, backpack or on the other side of the room having core boards taped to the tables, lanyard icons, large life-sized language boards, or environmental labels (help open, look) throughout the room it creates the environment where communication is expected and all modes are accepted. 

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Hillary Jellison
Mar 14, 2020

Love these!

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