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AAC/AT Summary Page for Carryover of Information

If any of you have a friend who is a teacher or a school age child living in your house you might be reminded daily that there is only about five weeks of school left for the year. For some this is welcoming news and for others it might be lighting a fire under you to get everything done prior to then. One resource we have created for our teams which has left us and them more at ease is this one page Communication/AAC/AT Summary page. It's goal is to be able to provide the summer staff or family with a quick one page resource to see what the student's overlay should look like, what are some of the objectives we have been working on, what is the student motivated by, and what are some resources (including our email) that can be used to support language and communication perhaps when we are not there. This is not an end all be all resource but is a quick resource for summer and new school year staff to be able to hit the ground running. 

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