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Behavior Skills Training

This is a 4-part training for the communication partners of those using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). The topics covered include:


There is a handout that you can print or view it at anytime to have while watching the video. Each video includes a verbal description, written description, and demonstration of the target skill). 


Creating Opportunities for Communication:

This behavior skills training video reviews different ways of setting up the environment to support communication. By adjusting the environment, we are able to create opportunities in which communication can occur.

AAC Modeling

AAC Modeling:

This behavior skills training video goes over aided language modeling and how one can model on an AAC system to support an individual's use of AAC.



This behavior skills training video summarizes the prompting hierarchy and how to adjust prompting to support an individual's success and ultimate independence using AAC.

Language Expansion

Language Expansion:

This last behavior skills training video reviews ways of supporting language expansion using augmentative and alternative communication.

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