...specialists in Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Assistive Technology,

Tele-AAC, and more...

Who we are...

We are a team. We specialize in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), assistive technology (AT), and tele-AAC. 

What we do...

We love what we do! We specialize in AAC, AT, Speech and Language, and Special Education. We offer a range of services in-person and remotely via telepractice (tele-AAC), such as: 




Tele-AAC and telepracitce

Professional development and trainings

Camp Commūnicāre

Camp Commūnicāre

We get to work together as a team with individuals and professionals in our immediate and extended community every summer through our very own Camp Commūnicāre. This 5-week day camp is an intensive, yet fun experience for those using AAC, and for the team member supporting them.

Tele-AAC and Telepractice

By connecting with teams and individuals through telepractice we can make sure that those who need support with AAC are able to get it. Tele-AAC is the use of online tools and video-conferencing supports to provide the same assessment, intervention, and consultation services remotely to an individual or team at a different location. We also have information and resources about doing tele-AAC yourself!


We love to share ideas and materials. Our resources section is an ever-growing one-stop-shop for a range of handouts, printables, links and more. 


Every Tuesday (and sometimes more frequently) we share a tidbit of information, whether it be a handout we created, an idea for intervention, an upcoming event, or something different. Our TechTips are a good way to keep connected and stay updated. You can sign up below!

Commūnicāre Learning

Our CommunicareLLC team believes that knowledge is power and feels strongly that it is important to build capacity within teams through online learning, trainings and professional development. Ask us about our Professional Developments and visit CommunicareLearning to see our online learning opportunities.


Communicare, LLC offers AAC and AT assessments, intervention, consultation and training services. Contact us to learn more about what we love to do.

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