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We have merged with Tate Behavioral, Inc. to continue the work that we do, but with an even broader reach. Learn more about this and why this is so good!

Who we are...

We are a team. We specialize in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), assistive technology (AT), and tele-AAC. We are the team at Tate's Speech, Language and Literacy Center.

What we do...

We love what we do! We specialize in AAC, AT, Speech and Language, and Special Education. We offer a range of services in-person and remotely via telepractice (tele-AAC). We focus on individuals are strive for excellence. We really value creative work that is collaborative. 

Our Merger...


On August 30th, 2021 Commūnicāre, LLC merged with Tate Behavioral Tate Behavioral under Tate Behavioral, Inc. Together they form the Tate Behavioral Speech, Language and Literacy team. This merger is reflective of the vision and commitment shared by both organizations to provide high-quality, innovative, and collaborative work tailored to the unique strengths and needs of each individual and team supported. Tate is committed to progressive ABA and service delivery focused on skill advancement, independence and autonomy. Tate is also committed to empowering individuals to have a voice and to access their community as independently and authentically as possible. We are thrilled to begin this partnership and know that it will strengthen the services and resources available to our community. 


AAC and AT assessments with a heavy emphasis on implementation.


Individually-tailored intervention services on-site and online. 


Intensive and immersive AAC camp in-person and online.

ATCNE 1.jpg

Webinars on a range of topics with CEU opportunities. 

May Training 9.jpg

Customized consultation to support widespread implementation.

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AAC assessment, intervention and consultation services online.


A growing library of handouts, tutorials, videos and activities.


Real-life tips, ideas and information learned from our community.


A project designed to explore dogs' responsiveness to AAC devices.

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